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As for the Match Kings, Sierra doesn't recommend them as a game bullet. In fact, they recommend that you don't use them on game. The MK may expand explosively and lack enough penetration to effectively anchor game or the nose may "pinch" and not expand at all. Bullets made to work properly on game will perform better and more consistantly than a target bullet on game. Game Kings will work fine on Caribou, Deer or Moose, provided you match the bullet weight and caliber for such. The tiny bit of better accuracy the MK's may provide over something like the GK or Nosler or Barnes or CoreLokt or Power Point, etc... is not worth the pain and suffering of a bullet failure on wildgame. Tailor your loads to get the accuracy you need with any of the above hunting bullets and go with confidence.

Yes, many native hunters do use FMJ .223's for caribou, musk ox and even polar bear, but it isn't the wisest choice if you have other alternatives.
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