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Sig 716

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I just recently purchased a Sig 716. Just wondering if any of you have experience with it. I've heard of some that won't cycle Win147gr, but read in a magazine article of the same ammo producing 0.33" groups at 100yds, with no issues.
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No personal exp with that rifle, but PLENTY with AR pattern guns.
The long and short of the "will it cycle" question, is "It depends".

If you go buy factory ammo today, then buy the "Same" a few months later; you have no guarantee that the powder is the same. Therein lies a potential problem. If the port pressure isn't enough, you won't get reliable cycling O' the action. Doesn't mean that accuracy will stink, but may not cycle.
as they claim it doesnt hinder accuracy like a longer system would.
That statement is pure marketing B.S.
ANY long stroke/long op rod system CAN or CANNOT be accurate. It depends on how you build/design it. The argument for a short stroke type system is that there is less weight to fool with harmonics, and less moving parts to jostle you around while it is cycling.
I have never noticed the "jostling" to be a real thing. If you watch high speed video of automatic weapons firing, the system is settled and locked before the next round leaves. The shooter is ALWAYS the slow cog in the system.

I built one for a neighbor a few years back. The old "gotta have reliability...but I don't wanna spend any money" thing:rolleyes: Anyway, I cobbled a piston system together for him, that rifle keeps up with my 10FP out to 500 quite easily. That is shooting Black Hills ammo, from the local.
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