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Have to admit that I can't find any real accuracy advatage to the tang peep's extra two or three inches of sight radius over the reciever mounted sights...the tang sights just look more "period".
I'll have to agree. I've not seen two-cents worth of advantage shooting a tang mounted sight over the receiver mounted aperture sights in terms of accuracy. In regard to function, I feel that the receiver mounted sight far out-weighs the tang sight. It's adjustment is finer, and more precise, the sights are simply more rugged, and they don't interfere with the handling of the rifle when you are gripping the wrist area of the tang with your hand. For a hunting sight, the receiver mounted type is far more practical, especially as recoil is increased as with your .444 Marlin.

I have multiple rifles fitted with receiver sights, from .22 rimfires, .223 Rem, 7x57, 30-30, 30-06, .338WM, .375H&H, .357, .44 mag, .444 Marlin, clear up to a .458WM. They are fast, ruggedly reliable, efficient and capable of surprising accuracy out past most reasonable hunting ranges.

I once capped a black bear with my .30-06 Springfield 1903 at an honest, lazer-rangefiner distance of 383 yards, the sights were old Redfield receiver sights. Yes, the exception rather than the rule, but meat in the freezer and a rug on the wall none the less. (Here's the story: )

Shoot whatever brand of receiver sights you mount on your rifles, until using them is second nature to you, and you'll be surprised at the confidence you'll build in your abilities, and the capabilities of your rifle.

God Bless,
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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