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Hello from Scotland~

My .444 Marlin is the first centre fire rifle ive ever used with open sights, and im extremly impressed with the performance of Ashley gost ring set i fitted. I can put 5 rounds loaded with the lee 310 bullet and 41-45 gn of N133 into 2.5"-3" at 100 yards and at 200 yards even with the larger gost ring accuracy is good enough for heart/lung shot on deer sized targets.

Recently i puirchased a Marlin 1894 CL in .218 Bee and have stuck a 3-9x40 on it to test bullets and loads..... If possible i would like to use it "scope free" if i can shoot well enough with some sort of open sight ?? Im wondering if a tang sight would be better than a Lyman/williams. But thats a way off yet ive much load testing to do and bullet supply and choice is proving problematic.

As soon as my licence is back from the police following a variation for .30-30 i will be picking up a marlin L.T.S 16 1/4" barrel.......This little handy rifle will certinally not be getting a scope on to ruin it handling. Im pondering putting the Ashley gost ring set from my .444 on it. I believe this type of sight will be ideal for a shorter range gun such as this .30-30.

Given the longer range capability of my .444 what other sight type could i fit to maximize its long range( 200 yard) accuracy ??

As i said before im very new to "non-scope" sights so any experince with tang sights ,williams etc would be most intersting

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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