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J Miller said:

I just re-read my original post. Sometimes I type a sentence that somehow isn't complete. Like this one:
I should have completed it and said that the holes were for the Williams Fool Proof peep sight I had installed.
My bad.

Anyway, yep your right, too much front sight.
Big Bore's formula is a good one and as soon as I get to the range to shoot it again with the rear sight centered, I'll be able to tell just how much too tall it is.
I have an extra front sight but it is too short. So as soon as I know, how much too tall the existing one is, I'll decide if I wan't to buy a different front sight, or custom file this one to where I wan't it.

I'll bet the gunsmith put the high front sight on there so the gun owner could file it in to the load the gun liked. First you go for groups(the illusive clover leaf) to see what the gun likes. The best load. Don't worry about point of impact. Just aim at the same spot and get the load with the best group then file the front sight to hit point of aim.(coupla inches high at 25 yards like you want) You probably had a good gunsmith and don't know it. Unless you did the work to find the best load for the rifle and sent the gunsmith the loads to use to sight the rifle in the only way to get it done is to leave some adjustment for the shooter. The tall front sight is the adjustment. Find the best load and file it in by filing the front sight If you put the rear sight in the middle and can't get the groups down to the point of aim(front sight not tall enough) then lower the rear sight some. The rear sight doesn't have to be perfectly centered up and down. Actually having 1/3rd amount adjustment left under the rear peep and 2/3rds over it would be better. You'll use more "up" than down anywhooo. You need plenty of "up" to get out there a good ways with a pistol cartridge in a rifle.That's why if it were me I'd leave as less as possible "down" to the peep and give it all the "up" I could. That way I'd be able to shoot "way out" further. hee hee hee I mean what if some day you want to shoot prarie dogs or ground hogs and need to get that pistol cartridge to shoot way out there? What if you want to shoot a 300+ grain bullet out a good ways for deer? You'd need the "up" adjustment of the rear peep. Anywhooo, it's no biggie filing the front sight unless the front sight is a "bead". That's where that formula comes in handy. Front beads.
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