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There is a formula for figuring this.

IM=D*K*SM divided by SR

IM= Impact Movement
D= Distance you are shooting
K= Constant, 12 for feet, 36 for yards
SM=sight movement
SR=Sight radius-this measurement must be carefully taken from the back of the rear sight to the back face of the front sight.

To figure how much change in front sight height, the formual rearranges to:

SM=IM*SR divided by D*K

If you do the figuring correctly and take exact measurements, it will work out every time. Put your rear sight where you want it, in the center, and with your front sight as is, shoot a group at a carefully measured 25 yards. How far off from where you want to me will be your IM. Take your measurements on SR and plug it in. That will tell you how much taller or shorter front sight you need from what you have now. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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