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I recently purchased a Savage Mark II BTVS, which I love. It is comfortable to hold, well-balanced, and accurate (given my beginning skills). I would love to add sights to it, for I enjoy alternating between scope-based firing and open sight firing. I plan on chaning out the scope rings for see-thru rings so that I can use both methods without having to remove the scope.

Question: How do I find the appropriate sights for mounting, by a gunsmith, a front and rear sight, to this rifle. It will, of course, require drilling and tapping.

I appreciate any information, or hints as to where to look (I am still trying to find a gunsmith in Asheville) for more information. Thanks.


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Welcome. Start with Brownell's site and be prepared to spend some time reviewing all of the options! In fact I'd recommend calling them and getting a paper catalog, it's worth the few bucks and you get that back on your first order.

There are different methods for attaching sights and bases; screws, soldering, and dovetails to name a few. You have a heck of a lot of options.

I'd concentrate on what sight picture you'd like best (shape and color of the front sight, and type of the rear, whether open or peep) and go from there. Target shooters generally would favor a peep sight at the rear and the smallest front sight that is compatible with their eyesight and shooting game. The gunsmith may be able to figure out if you can have a peep sight coexist with scope mounts.

Good luck!
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