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OOPS!  I think we've all had something as purplexing as this in our shooting experiences.   Don't dispair.  You said you've disassembled the gun.  Have you removed the cylinder base pin?  If so, with the loading gate open you still cannot get the cylinder to release from the frame, try this:

Remove your grips from the frame, then soak the whole gun for 48 hours in either 1a grade kerosene or in lamp-oil.  This will deactivate the primer (usually) of the remaining live round of ammo, yet won't harm your revolver in any way.  Then, using a rubber mallet, gently tap the cylinder (with the base pin removed) from the left side of the revolver to coax the cylinder out the right side of the frame.  

Too, as Mike has suggested, after soaking the gun in petroleum to deactivate the primer, using a 3/8" wooden dowel inserted down the barrel, through the forcing cone, into the cylinder and finally to the empty brass case, tap on the dowel to re-seat the primer as he's suggested.  It might just work!

A couple of ideas for you to tinker with that won't hurt a thing!

Let us know what shakes out!

God Bless,

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