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This is probably in the wrong forum but here goes.

A couple years ago I ordered some of the 265 gr Keith Beartooth Bullets sized .454 for the oversized cylinder in my OM BH.

Because of several moves I haven't been able to get my press set up and load them.
Recently I acquired a new cylinder for my OM BH .45. It had undersized throats so I sent it out to be opened up to .4525".
I also bought a new Rossi Puma .45 Colt that had to go back to the factory service center.
Using my Lee hand press I put together some dummy rounds of the BTB Keith bullets so that the gunsmith could make sure my rifle would feed the longer rounds.

I tried the dummies in my new Ruger cylinder and the leading edge of the bullet is a very tight fit in the throat. It takes quite a bit of pressure to chamber them the last tiny bit.

Now my question. (Why I can't just ask a question without telling a story is beyond me.)

Will it hurt the hardness of the bullet if I ran these bullets through a .452 sizer die?

Thanks for any answers. J

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If the bullets are heat treated, which I think all BTB's are, it will "work soften" the alloy from what I understand. This is why you size a bullet before heat treating and lubing. Unless you are going to drive these really hard, I wouldn't worry about it. It seems like you have a pretty good idea that these will fit the bore and throats in both firearms now, at least it sounds like it.:) With proper fit, even a soft lead bullet can be driven to pretty high velocities without a problem. I would just use them like a hard cast bullet. If you want maximum velocity out of the rifle, a different design might be more suitable for what you want to do. As a general rule when using lead bullets, I like them to be heavier than standard if I'm looking for a hunting load. I hope this answers your question.
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