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Slip-in Bullets

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I posted the slip-in bullet question on sixgunner and Jim Taylor responded with a link attachment explaining the process:

Has anyone ever tried this?  

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While this may be a fun bit of loading and this type of load may have its place I wonder how cost efficient it may be. I believe the practice was geared toward a person who had plenty of time on their hands.

I can purchase 500 commercial lead bullets cast locally for &#3620.00. While hardly Beartooth quality, I think they're just fine for low velocity shooting and the kids don't miss any crayons :biggrin:

For me, just getting time to load is hard enough. At some point I'd like to cast my own bullets but for now my time is just too tight. If you've got the urge to cast I think I recommend going a few steps further and really set up to make some great bullets.
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