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I have one of the recent  Lyman 65 Gr. Gas Check flat point bullets.  I tried to seat hornaday 25 cal gas checks and they are two small, only one in 5 seats properly.  Are Lyman gas checks better?  I orederd some but since I don´t get to go back home until August perhaps somebody here knows.

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Are you using a harder alloy? It's possible you can vary the bullet diameter hence, gas check shank diameter with a softer alloy. (will shrink more after cooling) This is only if you have bullet diameter to spare for barrel groove diameter. You can also try lowering the alloy temp. in your pot. This sometimes can result in slightly smaller bullets from the mold.

If not, you can try annealing the checks or possibly making up a punch to flair the check lips open a bit.

According to Lyman, all their checks save the 41's are crimp type also.


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    A ball bearing of proper size will make a great punch. Set ball bearing in check, and smack it with a hammer. This will open it up nicely, with a nice radiused curve !
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