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Just a thought.
As I have read the threads both here and on other forums about "Smart Gun Technology" I began to see something that hasn't been brought up before. That is the S.G.T. almost invariably has something to do with a sensor of some kind in the grip that will recognize the owner.

This instalation of tecnology will all but destroy any use of aftermarket or custom grips on these guns.
How many of us use factory grips on our D.A. revolvers? Not many from what I see. I don't.
This technology will force the custom grip makers to raise their prices way out of sight. If they make grips for these guns at all.

And I'll bet the BATF will force some sort of regulation saying that any aftermarket or custome grips must meet certain specs, and be certified as doing so.
Just like the EPA did to aftermarked catalitic converters.
Plus they will have to make it illegal to alter or remove these S.G.T. grips and somehow inforce it.

This is going to be a mess. Remember when CA tried to force owners of old cars to retrofit them with emission devices. My guess is it will happen with our guns too.

Like I said, just a thought. :mad:
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