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The folks I shot with in Florida for 5 months this past winter all shot Model 625 5" .45ACP. Their common opinion was that it was the most accurate revolver for the money.

My recent experience with their customer support was outstanding. Turned the gun around in less than one week (portal to portal) and fixed the problem(s) that I created with an overload...which I admitted to. My local outlet has started carrying them again, their comment was that the restrictions had been significantly relaxed. This doesn't take the place of their management making a formal statement refuting their previous poor decisions. At the risk of getting shot at, while I do understand the "better dead than red" emotions with the S&W decisions, I wonder what I'd have done if I had the responsibility to the workers and others. The financial drain of law suits, etc. must have made it a very difficult decision.

As you say, a moral decision.

1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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