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Smith & wesson 625 mountain gun

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Has anybody heard/shot one of Smith's new 625 Mountain Gun's in 45 LC?

Sure looks like a handy revolver, and they seem to at least be thinking of re-negoitating their control agreement.  I guess they've dropped the one they had with the city of Boston.

Here's Smith's link
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Well...I'm sure the factory can get my 45 Colt MG to shoot well....grrrrrrr....I just can't seem to buy a new sixgun without having to send it back to the factory (and I had nothing to do with it this time or the last 2 times!).  Timing issue...shaving lead...lead build-up in the 4,5 and 6 O'clock position in the forcing cone.  And, a horrendous DA trigger pull...feels all jerky and full of sand.  MY SRH SA and DA trigger pull is light years ahead of my S&W...scary, eh?!

Curious, what is the BC gap of your mountain guns?

God Bless.
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