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Sorry for not having gotten back to you, I notice your first post was 23 June, and I was absent from the forum at that period of time.

Now, about the ammo.  Was the ammo you were using the PMC Starfire?  It is great defensive ammo, but it has a huge hollowpoint cavity which sometimes makes for inconsistent feeding in those guns which have a propensity to be finicky to begin with.

For just plinking and getting familiar with the gun, some of the Winchester, plain white boxed, USA Brand ammo in FMJ would probably be not only the most reliable feeding of the more inexpensive ammo, but cost effective as well.

Those Sigma's sometimes have a tendency to not feed the hollowpoint ammo well, you'll have to try several different bullet configurations to find out what it will reliably feed.

Hope this helps!  Let us know how you make out with your project!

God Bless,

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