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Smth& Wesson 657.

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The search feature on here does NOT work for me, ever. Does anyone have any info on this pistol. Dad's is in .41 Rem. Mag. Less than two (2) boxes through it. About 20 years old and mint condition. I might try for a permit and buy it from him. He'd like to unload it for the money but I want to keep it in the family. Double action ans stainless steel. Walnut grips. Penetrates deer fron end to end. This is a real .41 cal. while the .44 Mag.:rolleyes: is a .42 cal. For good money I'd let him let it go and buy him a rifle. For anyone trying to steel it, don't bother. Just wondering what you guys would sell for. Thanks
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jsr76; If you go to (the web site forum for the Smith and Wesson Collectors Assn.) you can ask. You will get a fair appraisal from them. Make sure you have the serial number, dash number, etc, available.
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