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Solid Slugs----Plastic

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Quite a few years ago i used some Sellier + Bellot slugs for a bit of pig shooting.These slugs were a steel core shrouded in tough hard plastic and when they hit pigs dropped quick.I have always considered them superior to lead slugs as they seemed to carry a lot further with plus accuracy but as you guys have legal hunting with slugs maybe someone has used this type for deer before,if so what thoughts have you on these plastic projectiles.gryphon
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Realistically I can't see how the standard Brenneke can be improved upon by much in terms of terminal ballistics under 100 yards. I've done a lot of side-by-side comparison with them against standard Forsters, BRI sabots, Hydra Shok sabots, etc. The tried n' true product from RWS outperforms them all in terms of overall penetration and accuracy in a variety of shotguns. Now I will grant you the sabots do a better job beyond the century mark with a rifled barrel due to better aerodynamics, but even then they've lost a lot of the oomph shotgun slugs are renowned for at close range. You really can't make a 12 gauge into a long-range rifle regardless of ammo or barrel type so why not maximize its performance within its relatively limited envelope?

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