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I've been unemployed for a few months now and have started to read some of the books by the now gone writers like Jack O'connor, P. O. Ackley, and Elmer Keith. I'm on my second book by Jack O'Connor (The Rifle Book 2nd edition) and even though some of the material is dated (1964) there is still a lot good relevant information in the book. Some information is always relevant when it comes to hunting and firearms.
Elmer Keith spent a good share of his days in Idaho and our local library system still has 9 of his books. The local Cabela's here is Boise has a museum in the store dedicated to him. A lot his firearms are located there as well as some great pictures.
Jack O'Connor also lived a good share of his life in Idaho as well (Lewiston). There is also a museum dedicated to him there in Lewiston that I would like to visit sometime. Our library has 16 of his books on hand.
We only had one of P.O. Ackley's books and I enjoyed it as well. I think he wrote some more but that is all we had.
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