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Speaking of Savage 99's

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Is there anyone that can tell me when mine was made? Serial # B375XXX. When I bought it about 15 yr ago it had issues, bluing wore bad, crack in stock, fore end and butt were different shades of walnut. Well any way I had it re-blued and I bought a replacement fore end that matched color, fixed split in butt and put a high gloss poly urethane finish on it. Boy it is sweet to look at and handles and shoots great. It is an E in .308 w/ 20" barrel, pistol grip and non-checkered. From what I've seen on the few sites I tried to get info on E stands for economy and was birch wood and press checkered. Enough rambling, I guess my other question is, know any good Savage 99 sites?
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Well it has a lever safety so... I thought there might be a serial # manufacture date chart.
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