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Friends all..After two years of research and development of long range shotshells....we have discovered many things, exploded many myths, and understand now how to develop loads for chokes that were considered "overchoked" (namely the new extra tight "Turkey Tubes"). Many of these choke tubes run with as much as .045+" constriction vs the standard .035" for a 12 gauge full choke.
It is more or less accepted in the ammo industry that a long range shotshell must have buffer vibrated into the shot column. If asked why, one is told that it is needed to reduce shot deformation. Now....lead shot is the single most expensive component in a shotshell and when antimony is used to harden the shot, cost goes through the top. Now, if a maker can add cheap plastic buffer and use softer shot, profit go up
Get the picture? We use only high antimony copperplate #4's and nickel plate #3's. Moter Mica is mixed into the shot so it will be fluid as it goes through the tight choke. This combined with a good shot cup, the styrofoam wads I developed, the excellent BP X12X overpowder wad, and slow burn Blue Dot powder will pattern between 90% and 100% in a 30" circle at 40 yards. A standard full choke should put 65% to 70% in that circle. At present, using .045+" constriction choke tubes, I see no difference in the loads %'s if the above conditions are met.I might add that the wads should also be dusted with Motor Mica in a ziplock bag.
You will hear no syndicated writer cover what I have covered here as the are cloned to whoever advertises in their rag.
Best Regards To All, James
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