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Speer Grand Slams

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I am interested in hearing any first hand expirience with Grand Slam bullets. I understand their dual core concept, and I am wondering if anyone has had or seen the jacket seperate from the bullet base.

Thanks for your input.

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I have used Grand Slams in .270, 7X57, .280 Rem., and .30-06. I have killed deer and elk with them. I have recovered three or four bullets. None were overly impressive for their weight retention, but I never had a failure. Ranges varied from 30 yards to about 300 yds. I believe that Nosler partitions are tougher and will retain more weight, but the GS's worked every time.

I have taken a few deer with the 100 gr. Grand Slam in a 243. I have yet to recover one, and they always have killed quickly. A friend has taken some deer with the 130 gr. in a 270 and has had similar results. I also shoot them in a 257 Roberts, but have not taken any game with that rifle. I did shoot a couple of the 257 bullets into some wet newsprint. They preformed very well, retaining 98 of the 120 grains. I like them.
Try it again.

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I have used the 180gr .308 in my .30-06 to take Elk, black bear, white-tail and Mule deer at ranges from 75 yards to 200 yards and they have always performed well for me. I recovered the bullet from the elk, but none of the others and it looked like the photos in the magazines, other than the blood and hair, a perfect mushroom. I've been using them for a long time and until they let me down, I'll continue to use them. I have them for my 6.5X55 but haven't had the opportunity to use them yet. :)
i shot a nice 8pt at 40yds with a 180gr in my 300win. it had a nice 1" or so exit wound, and the deer droped like a hammer.
speer grang slams

These bullets have always worked good for me. I use them in my 7 mag and 30/06 haven't lost any game yet. No separations yet.
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