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Over the past few months I have been looking at buying another AR. After doing a good bit of research I have narrowed down my choices to Spikes and a DS Arms.

Spikes - makes a great rifle, is mil-spec, people love it.

DS Arms - known more for its FN/FAL then its AR-15s.

The thing is, I have a DS Arms FN/FAL. The fit and finish is great, the rifle shoots fantastic, nice groups at 100 yards,,,.

Both the DS Arms and Spikes have a lifetime warranty.

Due to my experience with DS Arms, I would like to continue to give them my business. The thing is, the DS AR-15 does not get as much love from the AR community as a Spikes.

Looking at some of the specs of the DSA AR-15, it may not be fully mil-spec. But then again, does someone need a "fully" mil-spec rifle? The last time I looked, my backyard was not a battlefield.

The rifle is mostly going to be used for target shooting, home and personal protection. I live on the gulf coast in a Hurricane prone area. When a hurricane passes though, I would like to have a rifle I can rely on to protect my home and family. During Hurricane Ike and Rita there were no problems around here. But I like to plan for the worst and hope for the best.

Buying the DS Arms AR-15 could save me around $200. If I buy a Spikes, could I expect $200 in higher quality over the DSA?

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Here is the Practical low-down on "Mil-Spec"...

That term is for a well known and specific range of tollerances. If you have parts that are NOT mil-spec they are not. The machining tollerances MAY or MAY NOT be in the same range. All this means is that you MAY or MAY NOT have to hand fit parts and pieces to get them to interact properly.

The lowers that you mentioned are actually not made by those companies.
DSA is made by - Lewis Machine & Tool. Also make Knights, Barret, Armalight etc.
Spikes Tacticool by - LAR Manufacturing. Also make DPMS, Bushmaster, etc...

I have had to hand-fit an upper and lower that were BOTH within mil-spec, simply because they were at the opposite ends of the spec.

Buy the one that will save you some money, as they are both of an equal quality.
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