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What "life time" gun should I purchase?

  • Springfield XD

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Colt 1911

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Springfield XD .45 Vs. Colt 1911

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I've finally picked what caliber I want. Im going .45!
I should have known from the very start. Seeing as I love to shoot the "man stopper." But now of course, Im faced with the issue of what gun to purchase. I've pretty much narrowed my top choices to the Springfield XD or a Colt 1911.
I've shot the Springfield in 9mm and loved it. I've gotten no bad remarks about it from anybody that I've talked to.
I could rapid fire the 9mm and hit a target in the sternum from 25 yards out with no hesitation. I really loved that gun.
The only problem is that I may pick a 1911.
I love a Colt, I've held one and it was the perfect size for my hand. It just felt completely right and it was a beautiful piece of work sitting there in that cabinet with the light gleaming off the slide. It just whispered, "buy me!" Haha.
But I am so stuck...the XD isnt as pretty but it costs less.
So I guess what Im stuck with now is the decision of going for paper or plastic...well, steel or "plastic" in this case. lol.
Let me know what you think! Suggestions still apply.
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Thanks goes out to EMC2 who bumped up some very interesting topics for me to read on this subject. But I just cant decide still...this is going to be hard. lol. It seems that everyone has their own preference. I think I might just have to make my own decision. Suggestions are still helpful.
I've also looked into Kimber alot but it doesnt seem in my price range as of yet.
And as of now from reading alot out of those topics. Im leaning toward a Colt for now.
Of course I wont be purchasing the actual firearm for 2-3 months. So let me know what you all think still.
Thats the problem, they arent selling them to the general public anymore...**** it, I saw the perfect Colt up at the pawn shop I visited a couple months ago. I wanted that gun so bad but I couldnt afford it at the time. I would have put it on layaway but I had spent the only money that I had brought at the gun range before that. Another thing is that theyre more expensive than the XD...**** it!
Thanks Catfish. Im still really caught in between the two but I know where Im leaning.

Whats the .45GAP like in XD? Just wondering.
Whats the difference between ACP and GAP?
Capacity wise?
riley said:
Makarov - Buy the 1911 for "show" and the XD for use. I have the XD in the 9mm and .45 ACP - excellent guns in all respects. I would advise against the .45 GAP; a solution to a "non-problem". More expensive to shoot, less ammo availability, and a soon to be "orphaned" (IMHO). Don't "beat yourself up" on what you might have owned, we all miss the one that "got away". Buy the one you will use, not the one you like to look at so your "kin" can some day take it to a pawn shop after your "gone" :( . My 2 cents - Riley.
Good input on the GAP. I didnt think of it completely I guess, lol. Even if I do go your way about it then Im stuck in between which gun to buy first. In the future I plan to own many guns but...the first gun I purchase is going to be pretty special to me. Because the Colt is alot prettier, thats where Im leaning at the moment. The only problem is that it costs about 200$ more...:(
Yes, I've been looking at the results. Im also on another gun forum and I've posted almost the exact same get the most input that I can.
They also lean toward the 1911. Not as major on the other forum but close enough.
This is a really hard choice. So far though, Im definetely going 1911. But if they happen to have a XD in .45ACP next time I hit the gun range I will have to shoot it. To get a feel for the real thing.
Maybe I'll change my mind, prolly wont be its a thought. As for buying one...Idk if I'll have the money in January seeing as its right after Christmas. But by febuary I should purchase one of these awesome guns...and only time can tell which I'll pick...
I know what I'll do. Someone already suggested this and I've really been thinking about it soo...I now I only have a smaller problem. :p
I'll buy both! But which one to buy...first...haha.
The same problem in a few less words...I think I'll grab a 1911 first.
And if the XD does really well then I'll add it to my collection. Being so young though makes it hard to raise the money to purchase just one gun!
Which means that I prolly wont even be able to buy the 1911 until Febuary or a month or so later. But I am definetely getting me a good 1911. Hopefully in Colt or Kimber. The XD can come later then. Thanks everybody, Im off to bed now. So tired. Long day, thanks again.
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