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What "life time" gun should I purchase?

  • Springfield XD

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Colt 1911

    Votes: 16 88.9%

Springfield XD .45 Vs. Colt 1911

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I've finally picked what caliber I want. Im going .45!
I should have known from the very start. Seeing as I love to shoot the "man stopper." But now of course, Im faced with the issue of what gun to purchase. I've pretty much narrowed my top choices to the Springfield XD or a Colt 1911.
I've shot the Springfield in 9mm and loved it. I've gotten no bad remarks about it from anybody that I've talked to.
I could rapid fire the 9mm and hit a target in the sternum from 25 yards out with no hesitation. I really loved that gun.
The only problem is that I may pick a 1911.
I love a Colt, I've held one and it was the perfect size for my hand. It just felt completely right and it was a beautiful piece of work sitting there in that cabinet with the light gleaming off the slide. It just whispered, "buy me!" Haha.
But I am so stuck...the XD isnt as pretty but it costs less.
So I guess what Im stuck with now is the decision of going for paper or plastic...well, steel or "plastic" in this case. lol.
Let me know what you think! Suggestions still apply.
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I own a couple of Colt Series 80s (LWT Commander for carry), & won't be selling any time soon.

That said, I bought an XD9 (compact) for my wife, & have got to say that it is a very nice pistol. Accurate & 100% reliable to date. Biggest problem is that although it DOES have a grip safety, it lacks a manual thumb safety.

Trigger seems superior to Glock, in all respects.

I find the service model (4") in .45 sort of "calls" to me, but can't see it replacing my commander.
Makarov said:
Because the Colt is alot prettier, thats where Im leaning at the moment. The only problem is that it costs about 200$ more...:(
One thing to consider w/ regards to the extra $200, is that the Colt will likely retain (or increase) value much better then the XD. It is not uncommon to see a Colt selling used, for nearly the price (or even more) of a new one.

You just don't see Colt 1911s linger long on the auction block - unless they are waaay over priced.

Recommend that if possible, you put any pistol under consideration through paces at the range - before buying. Both pistols feature excellent ergonomics, but that's not to say that one size fits all.

I picked up the sweetest little Sig 228 for my wife's CCW, but sadly although it fit my mitt just fine, the ergonomics were all wrong for her.

As a result of my short sightedness, I took a beating selling the 228, & she got the XD9 Compact. It's all good though...

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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