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What "life time" gun should I purchase?

  • Springfield XD

    Votes: 2 11.1%
  • Colt 1911

    Votes: 16 88.9%

Springfield XD .45 Vs. Colt 1911

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I've finally picked what caliber I want. Im going .45!
I should have known from the very start. Seeing as I love to shoot the "man stopper." But now of course, Im faced with the issue of what gun to purchase. I've pretty much narrowed my top choices to the Springfield XD or a Colt 1911.
I've shot the Springfield in 9mm and loved it. I've gotten no bad remarks about it from anybody that I've talked to.
I could rapid fire the 9mm and hit a target in the sternum from 25 yards out with no hesitation. I really loved that gun.
The only problem is that I may pick a 1911.
I love a Colt, I've held one and it was the perfect size for my hand. It just felt completely right and it was a beautiful piece of work sitting there in that cabinet with the light gleaming off the slide. It just whispered, "buy me!" Haha.
But I am so stuck...the XD isnt as pretty but it costs less.
So I guess what Im stuck with now is the decision of going for paper or plastic...well, steel or "plastic" in this case. lol.
Let me know what you think! Suggestions still apply.
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I have pretty limited experience with the XD's, but I'd say they're probably really good handguns overall. The 1911, however, is probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, handgun design of all time.

The only XD I've tried is a compact model 9mm a buddy of mine at work has. We tried it along side my Glock 30 .45 acp. I know it wasn't a scientific test, and we were trying two different calibers, but my G 30 outshot the XD for both of us. Here's my G 30.

I have no problem out shooting my G 30 with any of my 1911's, and this includes both my 3" barreled Kimber Ultra CDP and my 3 1/2" barreled Para Ordnance P12, as well as my Springfield WWII GI. Here are my Kimbers. Top left: Kimber Stainless Covert; bottom left: Kimber Ultra CDP; top right: Kimber Stainless Classic LE; and, bottom right: Kimber Pro Eclipse.

Here are some others. Top left: Para Ordnance P14 Limited; bottom left: Para Ordnance P12 Limited; top right: Para Ordnance P13 Limited; and, bottom right: Springfield Armory WWII GI.

Even with these, I'd still like to have a Springfield Long Slide, and maybe another "loaded package" Springfield to use for a 460 Roland conversion (almost .44 mag performance level). Maybe something else too, if I could sneak it passed the wife. 1911's do that to you. :D

I'd recommend a 1911 from any major manufacturer like Colt, Kimber, Springfield, Dan Wesson, Rock River, etc. You can always start with a basic model, and then customize it later to suit your tastes.

The numbers in the Poll at the top of the page really says it well. IMO.
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