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You may have a problem of a low volume powder charge for the space available. This can contribute to some squib loads, large variations in velocities and poor accuracy.

I did some powder position testing recently using Rem. 1-1/2, Win. SPP and CCI 500 small pistol primers in a 6" 357 magnum.

When the powder was forward with Win. 231 the velocities were 100 to 150 fps slower than with Rem.1-1/2 or CCI 500. When powder was to the rear against the flash hole there was not much difference.

Even the Clays, AA 2, Titegroup and 700X had lower velocities with the powder forward, accuracy was worse and extreme spread figures were also much worse than the powder to the rear loads.

My conclusion of this test was, small volume powder charges in a large volume cartridge case is asking for poor to mediocre accuracy unless all shots are fired after pointing the muzzle vertical prior to firing. Also, some powders said to be "Less Position Sensitive" are still position sensitive, maybe not quite as much, but enough to be a concern.

Use of a somewhat slower powder or a larger volume powder that fills the available space better helps a lot.
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