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I posted this to another site but feel it is appropriate here as well.

As we celebrate this holiday we must remember why we Irish consider Patrick to be our greatest saint. It was his love of God and his fellow man and his unrelenting quest for the truth and virtue. I am glad to say that I am proud to say that although my roots are from Ireland, I AM AN AMERICAN. For it is America and her shrinking number of allies that hold to a standard of doing what is right, even in lieu of resistance from the rest of the world. Just as St. Patrick held fast to his values, so does America. No, we are not perfect, but if we stay on course we will get even better. We must not pander to ecomomic and greedy interests.

So here is a blessing to all of my friends and allies here who from what I can see are true Americans!

May gentle breezes always cool you're land
May the Sun warm your homes and hearts
May you're path always be downhill
And be lined with roses.

May the wind be always at your back
And fill you're sails with grace
May you're troubles be few
And you're blessings be infinite

And at the end of life's path
May St. Patrick be there to greet you
And may God take you to Heaven in the palm of His sacred hand

God Bless each of you, you're families and our Great Country!

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