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Star PD .45 ACP defect

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I recently was given a Star PD .45 ACP. I did some reading up about it and most of the reviews were great. It was a good 1911 made from 1975 to 1990. Unfortunately mine has not lived up to that expectation. It seems to shoot incredibly low and then about once every 4 or 5 shots it shoots right on target. At first I thought it had to be the ammo, but I've since tried 3 or 4 different brands and each one has given me the same result. A buddy of mine heard about the recoil buffers being bad on this gun. I couldn't find much information about this though. If anybody knows what the problem is or how to fix it that would be much appreciated.
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MikeG, i understand what you are saying. This is the first .45 caliber handgun I have ever shot more than on one occasion. I like to think of myself as not flinching, but it may happen. However, the same friend of mine who suggested the recoil buffer being bad shot the gun himself and we saw the same problem.

Mainspring, the distance was about 10 yards and the bullet drop varied from 18 inches to 24 inches. The reason for the 6 inch difference being due to my not so consistent accuracy. However, the drops were consistently in that 18 to 24 range from where I believed to be aiming. And yes, the most recent and most used round I've used is the Winchester .45 FMJ's.

I took the gun apart today looked at the spring and the plastic buffer. I could tell the buffer was definitely one from a gun that had been shot a lot, but it didn't strike me as broken or defected.

The talk about the sights being off would make sense except for the fact that one out of roughly 5 shots follows directly where I have the sights aimed the entire time.
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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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