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I have a problem with a Star Super B not extracting a spent casing after firing. I can load up a mag and hand cycle all day long and not have an issue but with live ammo it's pretty much a single shot pistol! Here is what I have done:

1. Polish chamber.
2. Replace recoil spring.
3. Tried new magazine.
4. Fitted new extractor.
5. Made stronger extractor spring.
6. Cursed it it profusely!

I can load up a mag, rack in a round, it fires, the slide cycles but leaves the spent casing in the chamber and then picks up next round fine and jams.

This one is driving me nuts! I have seen some discussion about this issue on the net but no clear cut solution that I haven't tried.


Justin B.

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It sounds like you have a 'jugged' chamber. Pour a cast of it. It should nearly fall out. If not, you know the chamber is bigger in the front than in the back.
Does the extractor pull a section of rim off? Leave a bad scar? If not, the extractor is not engaging with the rim or has the wrong angle to it.

In 'most' auto pistols, the extractor is there to pull out unfired ammo. Fired cases come out by themselves.
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