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well ive seen some women that can just about make any man want to hittum.. thats when you have to be a man an just leave the house..
i ll never forget when i was young ,we were having a young marrieds spat .. we had 2 very young children.. i learned my lesson the hard way..
i was really poed.. i put a fist through a wall.just as i did it ,,my dad knocked on the door....the way he looked at me broke this hound dog from suckin eggs..after that i always thought of that.. if id have ever done that ..i think he mighta just whupped me right there.. he was sure nuff ashamed.. i never forgot it..
later i talked my brother in law into always just leaveing the house for a bit.. when she got in his face..
im not a segal fan much ,though my wife is.. but young men gotta learn..
learning best done without the influence of alcohol .. thank god we didn t have the money so id decided , babys milk an diapers came first ,so had quit drinking at all ,,for a long time after that.. now my second wife after a 33 yr. marriage to the first.. went thru **** with her first due to it worries her an i don t drink so she won t worry.
but hit a woman.. my dad would come outa his grave for me if i ever did, that.. slim
ps exception just remembered .. my sisters ..three older than me.. each had to learn when i got to the point it was no longer acceptable for them to make me do anything ,i didn t choose to..when that happened at different times,of course[some was bigger than others:)].. dad just viewed that as me coming of age [10 -11 ] to stoppum from bossing me around..but i never hit none ofum.. just showed them i was stouter than them..we all laugh about it.. if it comes up..
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