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Stock checkering

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Does anyone have any experience checkering a stock?What all is involved and how difficult?
I've reshaped the forarm on my trapper and in the process needed to remove the factory checkering.
If the cost of tooling is prohibitive are there any quick and dirty alternatives?
P.S. I'm good with a dremel.
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Dear BC
Thanks again.I'll pick up a copy of Kennedys' book and see if I want to give checkering a try.
I completed the epoxy repair and the tru oil finishing is going fine and fast too since I constructed a heat box.I made the box from a cardboard 12qt.Quaker State oil box which I lined with tin foil and added a 40 watt bulb.Now I can complete several coats a day.
The 444 Trapper is my project and I'm having lots of fun experimenting and doing all the work myself.I'm using it as a platform to make my own custom rifle.When the 444 was first introduced I was a poor college student.I wanted to buy one but couldn't afford to because of the high tuition cost--$6.00 an hour for graduate credit at the university.
Oh well; guess I'm never too old to have a happy childhood.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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