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Hey fella's,

The devil is at work. The new Brownells catalog was delivered today.

I've been wondering about the new prefit Pachmayr Decelerator pads available for the 1895 Guide Guns / Outfitters and if they might fit the 1894. As I'm getting on in age, the recoil of the mighty 44 mag is more than I can bear. A good recoil pad might help. I might use a PAST shoulder pad as well. :biggrin:

Well wouldn't you know that the listing in the Brownells catalog says that the pad fits the 1894 "mini guide gun"with the ported barrel.

Questions arise. Is the stock on the standard 1894 and the ported 1894 the same? It should be as far as I can tell. Why would it be different?

If any of you gentlemen could check and see if the stock on the standard 1894 matches the dimensions of the 1895 as it would matter in the fit of a recoil pad I would certainly appreciate it. I know one of you guys must have one of each. Lucky dogs.

Thanks guys
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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