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The "Rule of Thumb" for pull on a stock is to measure from the inside of your elbow (with arm bent), to the  joint on you trigger finger.  Mine is 15 inches.

Now, with that said, the only way to really get an accurate measurement is to use a try-stock.  This is an adjustable stock that allows for adjustments in all the major axis.  Length of pull, drop at comb, drop at heel, cast  off or cast on, and the angle of the butt to the bore of the barrel.

You might find it easiest to go to a gunsmith who may have a try-stock, or who through years of practice can assist you in gettin the correct length on your stock.

I'm going through this with my wife right now.  She's a small woman, and the stock is definately not the correct size.

Lobo in NM

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Brookie: As you don't specify your height and arm length we're all going to be doing a lot of guessing. The best I can advise you is to proceed slowly ie: a little bit at a time until it feels right wearing whatever clothes you would commonly use when hunting or shooting. Start by removing the but plate or pad and try that. I wouldn't remove more than 1/4 " at a time bearing in mind that the plate will be going back on.

As a guideline here are the measurements of a few I have done recently:
Boy, 10 years old, slender, 4'9"- 12" pull. 22RF
Lady, 5'1'', busty,chunky,  12.5 and pitch altered for comfort .243Win
Man, 5'6" ,slim build, 13.25", 30-06.

If you can find one to try shouldering look for a Win. Mod 70 compact model. This rifle has a shorter than usual ength of pull and might give you a reference point
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