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Stock Removal

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Does anyone know the correct procedure for removing the stock from an A.H. Fox Sterlingworth shotgun, or can you tell me where I might find out how to do it? Thanks.
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BCstocker, many thanks for your detailed description and valuable suggestions. I had no idea the process was so involved but, even though I am fairly handy with most modern guns, I knew I shouldn't just wade in to the Fox. Thanks again. When I get up the nerve, I will do it.

Yes, that is all I need to do, BCstocker. I believe I can handle it OK and will let you know how it turns out again. Thanks again.
Thanks for the additional info, BCstocker. I haven't had the time yet to remove my stock, but need to do so to repair a small chip and to lube the action a bit. As soon as I can find the time for that, amid my other projects, and the "cahunas" to tackle it, I will do so. Then, your good advice will be much appreciated. Eventually, I'll let you know how it worked out. Regards.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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