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Stock suggestions for Pre 64 Model 70

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I inherited my grandpa's 1958 model 70 30-06 several years ago, and I love this gun. The finish on the stock is original, but the finish isn't that great, especially where the clear coat is wearing off. Overall, the stock is in good shape. I have been told not to refinish it, as it will impact the value of the gun. I don't intend to ever sell it, and I have a son I'll pass it onto. Given that, I would like to put a camo stock on it, but I haven't found one that fits. Has anyone run across a camo stock that fits this gun? Has anyone installed an after market stock that fits well right off the bat and is solid? It seems most stocks for this gun require a dremel took to make it fit, some more than others.

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Furniture wax won't hurt anything. I'd likely go that way to protect what you have.

Clean and protect the metal like your grandpa would of done.

Then pass it on!

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