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Greetings from what's left of beautiful downtown Pierce City, MO. Most of the people of the town did the same thing I did. We second guessed the National Weather Service. The storm had obviously gone to the North of us. We could hear the thunder and see the base of the storm 2.5 to 3 miles already past us. My wife and I were standing in our kitchen looking out the window when the tornado hit. There was no rain, hail, wind, lightning or "green" sky that are normaly expected with such a storm. Just a relativly calm warm spring evening.
We had minimal damage to our home but if the storm track had been 50 yards farther north, we could easily have been killed.
You can bet that everyone in Southwest Missouri now goes to a shelter area when the storm warnings come out. Highly recommended for everyone.


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Dang, Jim, that looks awful! Glad you and the Mrs. are OK, though. Maybe you should have stayed in Ideeho when you were here for college.
Good luck to you and all with the reconstruction! Take Care

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Looks like the Lord protected you! I don't envy anyone faced with a twister.... makes me appreciate N. Idaho.... no tornados, hurricanes, tidal-waves and rarely, very rarely an earthquake.

Glad you're ok, and good luck in your rebuilding projects.

God Bless,


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Hey Jim, my great-aunt in Webb City got to see a lot of that storm, but came out OK. Lots and lots of damage... amazing. There was an aerial photo of Pierce City in the Austin paper on Wednesday after the storms.

We get a few in central Texas and remember a few in Missouri while growing up, including one that narrowly missed my parent's house.

Glad you're OK.
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