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Now that my Marlin 1894C (.357 Mag.) is broken in I'm trying some handloads for accuracy. The best so far is 15.0 grains 2400, 180 grain WFNGC, & CCI pistol primer.
At 50 yards the groups are less than 1" wide, but 2" -3" high.
I'm thinking that perhaps a different primer will provide more consistent velocity and reduce the vertical stringing.
All thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi, Leo:
  Your stringing may be caused by a too tight forend. If you can't slide the forend wood back & forth a bit, try shooting it with the forend cap loose. If your stringing goes away, file off a bit of wood where it fits into the action or the forend cap, which ever is tightest. The wood might be too tight around the barrel too, and you might have to relieve the barrel channel.

  Brian Pearce did a primer test in Handloader #207, Oct. 2000, and got best uniformity from CCI 500 primers. CCI 550 Magnums weren't as good. Exterme spread was 35 fps. vs. 62 fps with 2400 and a 158 gr. Speer JHP. Of course, he might have had a good batch.  Don't try Winchester Small Pistol Magnum primers without carefully working up again. Things can get spooky fast with them and I don't use them with 2400 anymore.

Hi, Cub:
  I don't have a Winchester, but I've heard the problem is due to the magazine tube and Dr. Sam Fadala published a fix.

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