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Now that my Marlin 1894C (.357 Mag.) is broken in I'm trying some handloads for accuracy. The best so far is 15.0 grains 2400, 180 grain WFNGC, & CCI pistol primer.
At 50 yards the groups are less than 1" wide, but 2" -3" high.
I'm thinking that perhaps a different primer will provide more consistent velocity and reduce the vertical stringing.
All thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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     Leverguns are also notoriously finicky about where they lay on the rest. I have gotten best results with the front rest almost all the way back to the receiver, right where the fore end joins the receiver. Are you chronographing loads? I think it would take a huge velocity variance to cause stringing at only 50 yds. Let us know what you find out!    ID
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