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The guys are right on technique.
 This is really not a big deal. It usually happens when people are trying low loads with cast bullets prepared with "Fire Lapping compound". This is a procedure which Veral Smith advised when Firelaping barrels.
The idea is to use a low vlocity with the prepared bullets so as "not" to upset the size of the bullet. In this way an excellent lapping can be given to the barrel.
Just take a wooden dowel that will fit in the barrel and hammer it out with caution, as prescribed. You won't hurt the barrel!
  When you use this method of firelapping (and this is the best way) use a target/stop such as a cardboard box with rags are something stuffed in it. CHECK and MAKE SURE there is a new bullet hole everytime you shoot!!! If not, guess what, bullet gets stuck in barrel! Sound familiar?
Have fun.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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