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Stupid Question...

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What time zone is this website ran from, I notice that the time on the site is 5 hours ahead of me, seems like Zulu Time, not sure tho. Just curious
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You can change the timezone setting by clicking "User CP" at the top, then along the side, click "Edit Options" and about 2/3's of the way scrolling down there is the timezone settings. That way, it will display the proper time for you.

Hope that helps. :)

that ain t stupid.. you just might need to move to alabama..5 time zones oughta put you mabe in calfonia huh..right now ,,from what i hear ..its a good place to be from,far from.. slim:)
oops wrong forem.. greybeard is outa alabama.sorry
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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