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My best hunt ever was the first time I took my son hunting for whitetails in Kentucky.

He had never hunted deer before but we had spent time in the woods, on the range, and just talking in the truck and at home.

Luck had it that we were invited at the last minute to hunt some property close to the house.

My son was all of nine years old. He had a new .243 that he had only used at the range. Anyway, I had never been to this property, it was the last day of modern rifle and we had about 4 hrs of shooting time before it would be over until late black powder season.

On entering the property I saw a likely spot on a hill with plenty of oak and hickory trees along with a creek bed about 50 ft downhill from that.

We walked back to that spot and cleared the leaves from our ground spot and settled in.

I was surprised when in less than a 1/2 hour I heard something approaching from our rear. As we shifted around we could see two deer on the other side of blowdown and within 75 yds.

We eased into a standing position to observe the deer. One was a small fork horn. My son raised his rifle and aimed at the buck. After several moments I hear my son whisper, " Dad, I can't get a clear shot. Can you?" I replied that yes I could see over the blowdown but this was his hunt not mine. Just wait and see if a clear shot is presented. Those deer browsed the area for 10 minutes and then moved away downhill never presenting a clear shot for my son.

The thing was this blowdown had only a few limbs and no leaves. I was so proud of my sons good judgement and self control. I have hunted with many who would try the shot with their brush buster. I tried to teach my son that it unfair to shoot and wound an animal. Shot placement and what is between you and it as well as on the other side is very critical.

Since then we have seen many deer the last 5 years together, some were very nice bucks. He has passed up the shots because he decided it was not the best shot to take.

He finally connected here in Texas at the end of the season.

The shot was a 125 yard shot that was right on the money and I was there to enjoy, savor, and congradulate.

That first hunt, and the first successful hunt for my son is my best hunting story.

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