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Success with the .44 cal. 405gr. ?

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I have recently put down a deposit on a Marlin Outfitter, and will be reloading. I am interested in the beartooth 405gr.  Does anyone have  a load for it? Any problems cycling through the action? Thanks, Ken
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abouttobuy? is that you?
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I'm sure you will get great advice from the people here at Beartooth, probly some more people, (mostly Marshall) advocating his pet load with the 330gr LFNGC...  Hope you find what you're looking for...

God bless,
Thanks, feedback from anyone is welcome. I studied all the data I could get my hands on in choosing the 444 over the 45/70. It appeared to me that the 444 shoots flatter and has more energy with comparible size bullets. The 45/70 has more offerings past 400grains.  One person told me that either one was good, the animal won't care what I shot him with, dead is dead.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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