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Yep, I know, this thread is a bit old, but then again, I've been off the forum for quite a while now.  

I'll heartily agree with the suggestion of the Lyman Great Plains Rifle!  It is about the finest production gun out there without going for custom guns @ custom pricing!

Their 1:66" twist barrel gun shoots round balls as fast as you can push them (2000+/- fps) with outstanding accuracy.  A little lapping does wonders on these barrels, just like on cartridge rifles.  you'll find constrictions under the dovetails, but lap it just a touch, and polish the bore, then season with a natural lube (lard, Crisco or other vegetable shortning) and they shoot like a house afire, and foul very little with Elephant or Goex Black Powder.  

For what you are getting, it's actually a very reasonably priced flinter! By the way, when it comes, take off the sawn agate flint, and get some good quality English napped flints, you'll enjoy your introduction to flintlocks much more, and with more reliability!

Make heap big smoke!

God Bless,

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