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Hi, Bill:
  A setup I'd like to have is a Lyman Great Plains Rifle with two barrels. A 1-66" for ball and a 1-28" for conicals. (Their fast twist might be 1-32", can't remember for sure.)
Both barrel were available a few years back, and might still be. The keyed barrels are easy to swap and you won't have to sight-in when you switch loads. The Great Plains isn't a colonial era gun, but it is much closer to authentic Hawken styling than my T/C Hawken and the other so-called Hawkens. Old Jake and Sam would flip if they saw them! :shocked:

  Lyman's website looks like it hasn't been touched for 4 years. Not too smart in this day and age.
<a href="

" target="_blank">

</a>   My T/C (1-48") won't win any matches, but it is minute of whitetail out past the 75 yard round ball limit.

  If you've got the &#36&#36&#36&#36, check out: :eek:

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