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I have been too busy this summer and I know there are Priority!
So I thought I would share what I have been up to since my brother asked for a ride to the tractor Club
I got sentenced to running the Cooperage that is powered by a 25
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HP Fairbanks-morse Hot Head Oil stationary engine.
Then I got a 108 HP Ridgeway Steam engine to work on and ALSO a 650 HP 6cyl F-M diesel stationary.
The Steam engine won't be ready for steam but I believe It will run on compressed air this year then plumbing it next year.
The Club has 3 Steam Tractors running along with a sawmill, Shingle mill Blacksmith 20 acres of Winter Rye ready to cut and bind for thrashing.
Fun for all!!
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Back in my younger days I supervised our stormwater management screw pumps which had five 625 hp and three 850 hp stationary CAT diesels. They were monsters. In the 42 years they have been in service (to my knowledge since I have been away)...only one failed due to a runaway situation. I had to learn how to service them and loved to learn their idiosyncrasies.

They moved over 1 million gallons of water per minute. It was a sight when they were all running.
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