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Matthew 11:25-30 -

One Bible interpreter said: “In these verses we have Christ looking up to heaven, with thanksgiving to His Father for the sovereignty and security of the covenant of redemption; and looking around Him upon this earth, with an offer to all human beings, to whom these presents shall come, and of the privileges and benefits of the covenant of grace”...

At first glance, the religious institution of Jesus’ day had everything. I was self-contained. It was steeped in history, ritual, and constant worship. The Pharisee and/or the Sadducee would bristle at the very notion that God was anything less than completely satisfied with the state of affairs in and around the Jerusalem Temple, and the various synagogues scattered among the communities in the region. Temple leaders were so convinced that all was well between them and God that they were not even seeking improvement...

At the outset, it would appear that Jesus was thanking His Father for hiding the truth from “the wise and the prudent”, and rightfully so; the “wise” in this text means the arrogant in spirit – those who thought they knew it all. These “wise” individuals had made up their minds to the new life that Jesus brought to the world. The “wise” held on strongly to their sterile and cold philosophical point that had no relevance to the plan of God. Put simply, their made-up minds had little room for new information. Sadly, the inference is that these “mysteries” were offered first to church leaders, who promptly rejected them and eventually lost the ability to recognize them. Then Jesus offered them to the “babes” or “little children” – or put another way, those with open minds and humble spirits...

The arrogant Temple leaders missed the most important thing in life – a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. They looked at Jesus as their enemy. They failed to see the activity of God in His life. How often in our day have the learned and liberal professors missed the simple message of God? Although some in our churches have been members for many years, they still do not understand Jesus’ message because of its simplicity...

JESUS AND GOD (Matthew 1:27):
Few would argue that this is the central verse of this lesson. Here, Jesus “qualifies” Himself for the mission ahead. Jesus is uniquely qualified, as no other being in the world could make the claim in this verse. God has “delivered” everything to Jesus...

The word “know” is very significant. In the Old Testament, use of the word was an indication of having an intimate relationship with God. No one else fully understands God as Jesus does. By the same token, no one fully understands Jesus but God. The communion between God the Father and God the Son is the core of their relationship. Jesus is, then, in the unique position to be the High Priest of human beings, always able to understand our problems while at the same time uniquely qualified to explain those problems to the Father...

The question we need to ask ourselves is, “Do I know God through the Lord Jesus Christ? And if I do know, do my actions match my knowledge of Him?” Don’t just be members of the church without having a thorough knowledge of the founder of the church. Remember Jesus’ words: “Not everyone that says Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of heaven” (cf. Matthew 7:21)...

APPEAL TO THE WEARY (Matthew 11:28-30):
Who are those that labored and were heavy-laden? It was those who struggled under the Mosaic Law and the variations thereof that were added by the Pharisees and scribes. It was these whom Jesus promised to give rest. And, in fact, He was the only one with the authority to grant that kind of rest, because He was the only One who was above the Law. He was saying that He could suspend that law at will. Of course, this promise was limited to those who heeded His invitation and responded accordingly...

The people in question already had a “yoke”; so Jesus was offering to substitute His “yoke” (love) for their yoke (the Mosaic Law). He promised that His yoke was much less burdensome. Simply put, the result of transferring yokes is that the believer receives rest...

The habits of the Pharisees have scarcely vanished from our church congregations today. Too much attention continues to be paid to appearance. If people act pious and holy, they must be both. Too often, people sing songs that mean nothing to them, and utter truths that they scarcely understand. They then go home feeling satisfied, because they have “had service”. Does this describe your experience? What would you do to have meaningful worship experiences?


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Thanks once more! Sent it out to my friends as usual.

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This is a great thing, but could you also post the scripture text along with the reference at the top so that we can follow along without having to look at our Bible, then back to the screen, than back to the Bible, then back...That would be very helpful. TD
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