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Jim M.
The trigger return spring is in behind the plunger that you have to depress to get the trigger assembly out of the frame. Once the trigger assembly is out you need to push the plunger in and hold it while you push out the pin that holds it in place. I use a pin punch so once the pin is out the spring is still held in place. With your hand over the end go ahead and pull the punch out and the spring and end piece can be removed. change your spring and you can see that the end piece has a flat place where the pin holds it so you push the piece back in behind the spring and hold it while you insert the punch again and then use the real pin to replace the punch. I usually do this in a large cardboard box with a towel laid over the box. You wouldn't believe how fast you can lose these small parts. If you don't have any luck or want me to try and talk you through this let me know and I will give you my phone number. Good luck.
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