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Who can tell me when a Model 94 Winchester was manufactured, serial Number = 245XXX. Caliber is 32-40. It's a 20" Carbine with a half magazine - no pistol grip. It has a tang site on it. The metal is original (read little or no finish - nice old rifle "patina"), but the woods looks to have been refinished.

The shop wants $495. Good deal? They also have a bastard Model 1886, with what looks like a Model 71 Barrel and magazine fitted, in Caliber .348 Win. It is a half mag, and is a "takedown" model. The reciever has no finish, the barrel and mag tube have virtually no blue wear. The wood is nowhere near original finish - featuring fine checkering by "bubba". Price is $850. The s/n is something like 108XXX.

Any advice appreciated.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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