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Hello all, I'm new here and need some info on the Taurus .44 Special Ultra-Lite and Titanium models.

The local shop has both revolvers for 299.00 each. They are NIB. The dealer told me that they were this price because Taurus was having some kind of special deal on them. Is this something that I should be wary of?

I can get the steel model in stainless for ten dollars more. It weighs 8-9 ounces more than the other two models. This gun will be used for concealed carry. I do not shoot a whole lot, but do want something that will last and be reliable.

Should I opt for the all steel model or go with one of the above mentioned models? The lighter guns would surely be easier to carry.

Has anyone here had any bad experiences, or heard of any,
with non-steel Taurus revolvers?

If I go with the steel model, the dealer will have to order it. If I do, should I get the chopped hammer version? I really like the looks of these models and it would carry easier. Are there any drawbacks to this model?

I would appreciate any feedback that you could give to me. Thanks!

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I have the 7-shot titanium .357 and it's great for carry. There are just a few complaints:

1. The finish has worn a little, which I don't care about, but some people might.
2. The 'ribber' grip is not the best for a fast draw out of your pocket, and it has suffered some wear also. I keep intending to get some smooth grips anyway which Taurus now has available.
3. It would make more sense with a bobbed hammer. Not sure why that isn't an option (maybe it is now, not sure).

Recoil is pretty severe.... and it's incredibly loud. Neither is a concern for a true life-or-death defense situation. I shoot 125gr. Cor-Bons.... most people would probably shoot .38's or .38+p ammo.
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