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Hey guys..
I just bought a used Taurus PT 945.. It is accurate and no ejection problems..The problem I was wondering if anyone knew why the hammer would go all the way back down after I shoot it. I have to shoot it in double action(pull the trigger and watch the hammer come back and fire. then it drops back down when the next bullet is chambered. I notice if I pull the hammer back and take my hand and bump it on the side the hammer drops..Luckily for the decocker so it doesnt fire. Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated!! :confused:

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Welcome to the forurm. Rules are to join in, have fun, and play well with the rest of us kids.

It sounds like someone tried to to a trigger job on your gun and screwed it up. I've never torn down one of those particular weapons and don't have a schematic of it to check for you, but I would guess that they tried to lighten the single-action trigger by reducing the engagement, and overdid it. That's a common rookie mistake in doing trigger jobs. The hammer hook is likely just bouncing off the sear nose because it's too short.

You need to take the gun apart, identify and replace the stoned-down parts. If you still want an improved single action trigger, you will want to go to a competent gunsmith to have that done. In that case, you can let him identify and replace the ruined parts. Unfortunately, its a lot easier to take metal off than to put it on, so, if my surmise is correct, I doubt you will be able to salvage those parts. If you are lucky, it is just one of them.

An additional possibility is to return the gun to Taurus for factory service. They will correct it, but won't do a trigger job. I don't know if they will charge you or not, but the postage for shipping it to them (has to go air) will set you back a little. The main advantage is it is likely to be quicker than most gunsmiths seem to be these days.
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